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Heroes of Legionwood Devblog # 5: Beta Testing/Release Dates

Greetings once again, adventurers. It’s been a pretty big week so far for Heroes of Legionwood. As of this Monday, Act 1 began pre-release beta testing and – save for some last minute bug fixes and additional polish – is … Continue reading

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Legionwood DLC now available!

Wow, talk about not meeting deadlines, right? Some of you might remember that I annouced a Legionwood expansion pack, way back in late 2010. Although it ultimately ended up being cancelled due to hard drive failure, I managed to recover … Continue reading

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One Night has been ported to Mac!

Hot on the heels of the Legionwood Mac port that was released last week, One Night has now been ported to Mac OS thanks to the efforts of the Jammed Gears Productions team, finally making it possible to enjoy some … Continue reading

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Legionwood 2 beta testing has begun!

As of this week, Beta 4.0 of Legionwood 2 is complete and undergoing pre-release testing. Selected beta testers have already been contacted and sent testing builds of the game to play. I’m confident that most of the remaining bugs and … Continue reading

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Legionwood Beta 4.0 Update

Look, it’s a game development update! As of this week, I’ve pretty much wrapped up development of the Beta 4.0 release of Legionwood 2, having completed all of the remaining content in Act II, and now all that remains is a … Continue reading

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