Heroes of Legionwood Devblog # 5: Beta Testing/Release Dates

Greetings once again, adventurers. It’s been a pretty big week so far for Heroes of Legionwood. As of this Monday, Act 1 began pre-release beta testing and – save for some last minute bug fixes and additional polish – is basically done. I’ve also been overhauling the Dark Gaia Studios website to add Heroes of Legionwood info to it.

With that said, there is one main thing I’d like to announce in this update: the release date for Act 1 has been set, and the game will be available for digital download from June 1st, 2015. It will cost $6.99 (the $1 price increase is, unfortunately, in response to recently introduced laws in Australia mandating a tax on digital products) and will be available through my website, Steam, Desura and the usual RPG Maker portals. Overall, Act 1 contains 10+ hours of gameplay, so it’s still a worthy purchase.

Since the release date has been decided and is drawing ever closer, I’m currently also in the process of finalising a playable demo for everyone to try out before the full game hits the shelves. It’ll likely cover the first hour or so of the game and give you a good look at the game mechanics and dialogue features. I’m not sure when the demo will be available, but keep an eye out for it within the next two weeks.

Happy adventuring!

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