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I develop games and I write. I'm studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and I've been published in a number of literary journals all over the world, and my first actual book is being launched in July 2012 by Disposable Fiction. I like writing speculative fiction, horror and literary fiction, sometimes all blended together. You can find elements of my writing in my games, because I consider my games stories that happen to have gameplay.

Derange #1: A New (Old) Nightmare

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.” This is the first in a series of dev blogs about our new upcoming horror game, Derange. This will be an semi-regular series detailing … Continue reading

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One Night: Ultimate Edition Release Info

They’re coming to get you, Barbara! Last month, I announced One Night: Ultimate Edition, an overhauled re-release of my very first survival horror game. Since then, we’ve been hard at work updating One Night for a modern release, rewriting every … Continue reading

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Announcing One Night: Ultimate Edition!

The horror returns. Are you ready to survive the horrors of “The Complex” all over again? That’s right – today I’m officially announcing One Night: Ultimate Edition is coming soon to Steam and, the first in a series of … Continue reading

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Heroes of Legionwood Character Building Guide!

Greetings, heroes! Just like the previous games in the series, Heroes of Legionwood features a fairly diverse character building system, at least for an RPG Maker title. One glaring limitation with RPG Maker is that it’s often quite difficult to … Continue reading

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Heroes of Legionwood: End of Days is coming July 28!

Hello heroes. You’ve been waiting for the end, and it’s finally here. After a hectic few months of beta testing, balancing and bug hunting, we’re happy to announce the chosen release date for Heroes of Legionwood Episode 3, which will … Continue reading

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Heroes of Legionwood #10: Final Touches

Hi everyone. So, this is it. Despite numerous delays and quite a few missed release dates, development of Episode 3: End of Days is in the home stretch. Beta testing has begun in earnest, and we’re busy adding the final … Continue reading

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Heroes of Legionwood #9: Overhauled Talents

Hello again heroes. This update is kind of a devblog and patch notes in one as it’s time to go into detail about Episode 3’s overhauled Talents system – something we’re also porting back into Episodes 1 and 2 with … Continue reading

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