Legionwood 2 beta testing has begun!

As of this week, Beta 4.0 of Legionwood 2 is complete and undergoing pre-release testing. Selected beta testers have already been contacted and sent testing builds of the game to play. I’m confident that most of the remaining bugs and balancing issues have been squashed by this point, but having a group of testers run through the game will allow me to be perfectly sure it’s ready for release.

Obligatory title screen shot.

Obligatory title screen shot.

There are six beta testers who are playing the game (each with different party configurations so as to test the game’s balance) who will report a log of findings and suggestions to me once they get to the end of the Beta, and then I’ll implement changes as needed. I’m waiting for all of the testers to finish with the game before I begin this final polishing period, so actual release may still be a while off. I’ve set three weeks from now as the deadline for the testers to meet, which means the Beta should be ready by early June, though again this depends on how fast the testers complete the game and how many bugs they report.

Beta 4.0 adds the second half of Act II to the game and allows you to get through 60% of the game’s main plot. New content including the desert nation of Entoban and a handful of new sidequests should add about 2 or 3 hours of gameplay to the game’s total. Your decisions as a player really start coming into play in Beta 4.0, and Act II will end in one of two different ways depending on your morality (and you’ll be able to continue along multiple story paths through Act III in the full release of the game). You can find out more about the additions in this previous blog post.

Thank you to everyone for patiently waiting for Beta 4.0’s release. You’ll have it very soon — I promise.

In the meantime, check out the Final Edition of Legionwood 1. It may just tide you over until then 🙂


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