One Night has been ported to Mac!

Hot on the heels of the Legionwood Mac port that was released last week, One Night has now been ported to Mac OS thanks to the efforts of the Jammed Gears Productions team, finally making it possible to enjoy some good old fashioned survival horror on a MacBook.

I don’t know anything about Macs or how to make RPG Maker games run on them, but one thing I know is that a lot of Mac users have emailed me over the years asking if a Mac port of One Night was available. It’s nice to know that these people are now able to play the game and discover what they’ve been missing. Unlike the Legionwood port which was having issues playing the MIDI soundtrack, One Night seems to play perfectly and all of the game’s music is present and accounted for.

At the moment I can’t speak for whether games #2 and #3 will also be ported as the team responsible is busy with many other projects, but it’s logical to assume that if the original One Night finds an audience on Mac OS the sequels will probably be next on their agenda. Either way, there aren’t a lot of survival horror games available on Mac as far as I’m aware, so it’s definitely a platform that will benefit from some more attention from indie developers.

The Mac version of the game is available to download here. You can also check it out in this Youtube video.


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Indie game developer and writer. Founder of Dark Gaia Studios and creator of Legionwood, One Night and Mythos: The Beginning.
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