Plagiarism: the fake “One Night” series

They say imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m not very amused.

Early today, a concerned fan sent me a message on my Facebook page containing some rather upsetting news: my One Night series of PC games has been stolen by an indie developer in Spain and re-released under a different name. The message included links to a Youtube channel called Truego Studios, advertising a series of horror games called “Sin Salida” (apparently meaning “The End” in Spanish) which were very clearly based on assets taken from the One Night series.

UPDATE: After contacting this person, the videos were removed and can no longer be seen on the Youtube channel.

From what I can tell, these games appear to be nothing more than unauthorised rip-offs. From what is shown in the videos, the areas and scenarios from all four One Night games have been reproduced with little to no changes. The gameplay, puzzles and mechanics are all intact and have not been altered in any way. As the “Sin Salida” games are only available in Spanish, I can’t determine whether the games have the same storyline and characters as the One Night series, but it would hardly make a difference when so much of the games have been lifted wholesale from One Night, anyway.

Here I took the liberty to create a comparison between One Night 4 and “Sin Salida 5”, showcasing the exact same room geography and item mechanics:

PlagiarismBizarrely, the developer of “Sin Salida” appears to have implemented split-screen co-op  — but apart from that, both games are clearly one and the same. As some of you may be aware, I raised funds for One Night 4 via an Indiegogo campaign in order to purchase custom graphic assets for the game, which are still present in “Sin Salida 5”. I have since contacted the developer of “Sin Salida” to request that the downloads of these games be removed from their website. While many of the assets used in the One Night series are either RPG Maker standard or are available in the public domain, the actual games themselves are protected by international IP copyright laws, and I have let this developer know that he is potentially committing a criminal offense.

In the meantime, I’d like to ask any of my fans to keep an eye out for videos or links to these unauthorised games, and to report them (either to me or directly to the video/file hoster) if you find any. The One Night series is the intellectual property of Dark Gaia Studios, and I’m committed to making sure it stays that way.


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Indie game developer and writer. Founder of Dark Gaia Studios and creator of Legionwood, One Night and Mythos: The Beginning.
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1 Response to Plagiarism: the fake “One Night” series

  1. Jesse says:

    What a damn shame. Hang in there.


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