Mythos Director’s Cut DLC now available!

Hi all.

The free Director’s Cut DLC for Mythos: The Beginning will soon be live on Steam, adding a number of player requested features and general polishes to the game.

This huge update includes the following additions:

  • Two new mid-game monsters, the Long Neck and the Flesh Eater.
  • New puzzle solutions and ways to bypass obstacles.
  • New skill checks have been added throughout the game, giving you more opportunities to use your character’s Talents.
  • EXP system has been slightly tweaked.
  • Support for Steam Trading Cards (to be available very soon).

Basically, this DLC adds a whole bunch of stuff to the game that I was forced to cut due to time constraints, but always intended to patch in later. The new skill checks in particular enhance the role playing aspect of the game and make the gameplay far less linear – there are now many more ways to bypass obstacles that don’t just involve hunting down a key or solving a puzzle.

This DLC will download automatically the next time you launch Mythos. After the update is completed, your game should be version 1.0.0 DC.If you don’t have the Steam version of the game, you can get a manual installer by clicking the link in your purchase email.

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