Legionwood 2 Bardsong DLC released!

Greetings, adventurers!

The Legionwood 2 Bardsong DLC went live last week, adding a sizable chunk of new stuff to the game. This brand new free DLC adds a new optional dungeon, the Ancient Ziggurat, and implements the much requested Bard class to the game, complete with its own set of unique Techs that open up a bunch of new strategies.

The new dungeon is located in the game’s second act, becoming accessible after completion of the story events in Ferrum. At this point in the game, your characters should be at a high enough level to try the new content, but if you want an easier time you do have the option of playing it later. All in all, there’s about an hour or so of new content to explore.

The Bardsong DLC will download automatically when you launch Legionwood 2 in Steam, provided you have Automatic Updates turned on. The DLC also includes a handful of tweaks and bug fixes, so while it is a fairly large update, it’s highly recommended you allow Steam to download it.

For those who have the DRM-free version of the game, you can just download the game installer through the link in your purchase email. Be sure to back up your save files before proceeding.

Happy adventuring!


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