One thing I really hate…

Spending two weeks re-installing all of my software after a hard drive format. Seriously. Why did I have to do this, you ask? Well, it turns out my trusty antivirus software doesn’t actually do anything whenever I connect my computer to my university’s internet network (where their own security suite promptly turns it off). Usually, this isn’t a problem since I mostly stick to reputable websites anyway, but it turned out one of the forums I frequent had recently been compromised, and soon my computer was heavily infested with creepy crawlies. In this case, they decided to shack up with some essential Windows components, so a factory reset was the quickest (and most effective) way to safely get rid of them.

Luckily, I’ve been keeping regular backups of all of my important files ever since something similar happened two laptops ago (where I lost an expansion pack for Legionwood I was working on at the time, among other things) so everything’s basically back to normal now. Unfortunately, the whole thing required me to spend a couple of weeks getting my computer back into working order so in the meantime, I haven’t been able to make any progress on Sun Bleached Winter‘s sequel or keep up with my blog schedule. As such, this post is essentially just to let you guys know that no, I haven’t abandoned my blog and that I do intend to make more writer’s craft related updates very soon.

On the positive side, not being able to write or work on Legionwood 2 has given me plenty of time to catch up on Dark Edifice‘s ever expanding slush pile and start editing some of the stories that’ll appear later this month in issue #6. There’s still room for more though, so if you haven’t submitted yet and you’re looking to be published, check it out! The slush monster is always hungry for more submissions.

Now, with that vent over and done with, I return you to your regularly scheduled web browsing. Usual blog schedule to resume from next week 😉


About dgrixti

Indie game developer and writer. Founder of Dark Gaia Studios and creator of Legionwood, One Night and Mythos: The Beginning.
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2 Responses to One thing I really hate…

  1. Roy C Hill says:

    For storage, I recommend google drive.


  2. dgrixti says:

    Yes, I actually only discovered Google Drive a couple of weeks ago, but it does seem like a good solution for if this ever happens again. I’ll have to put aside a few hours and make sure I get all my important files uploaded 🙂


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