Legionwood 2 Beta 3.0 News

Hey everyone! This is just a small update on the status of Legionwood 2, which is progressing smoothly. The next expected release will be Beta 3.0, and it will add the entire second chapter to the game, along with several small tweaks, additional polishing and bug-fixes.

Development on the game is progressing well, even though it’s been slower than I’d have liked due to being busy lately. I’m not far enough to set an exact release date yet, but I estimate that the next release should be done by August or September. Chapter Two: Aftermath and Alliance will add another four hours or so of gameplay to the game. The story sees you journeying out of Trevelle into Entoban to try and establish an alliance with the barbarians and find out who opened the Eternal Gates. There are two new towns to visit, five new dungeons, 20+ new Techs to try out and 2 new classes (Barbarian and Ranger) and a new character that you’ll be able to unlock as you go through the story in this chapter.

This chapter is also more non linear than Chapter One and will have multiple side quests to complete, as well as branching scenes and scenarios that are dependant on the moral choices you’ve been making in the game so far. You’ll be able to face one of two different bosses at the end of the chapter, depending on Lionel’s morality. Your morality will also affect which side quests you’ll be able to take on, and Chapter Two will include a side quest with two distinct versions — one will be accessible depending on what your morality is, and the other will be permanently locked off, waiting for you to play the game again with a different moral compass.

In other news, a particularly inspired Legionwood fan has begun work on a completely custom soundtrack for Legionwood 2. He’ll be composing pieces for each of the game’s main scenes, locations and battles, and, having had the chance to sample some of his early work, I can safely say that the pieces will add a lot to the game’s atmosphere. I aim to have as many of the custom tracks as possible implemented in the next Beta, but it may take a while until the entire soundtrack is in the game.

I’m also planning a new rewrite for the first Legionwood, to address lingering issues with the writing and to update the two year old script to a better standard to match Legionwood 2. Keep an eye out for that some time after the next Legionwood 2 release.


About dgrixti

Indie game developer and writer. Founder of Dark Gaia Studios and creator of Legionwood, One Night and Mythos: The Beginning.
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