Blues and Bullets Episode One [Review]

So far, it seems the best thing about being a games journalist is that it gives me something to post on this blog aside from dev diaries (don’t worry – as I make headway into Act 2 Heroes of Legionwood, there will be plenty more to come).

This week, I played the first episode of Blues and Bullets, a gritty Noir adventure game developed by newcomers Crowd of Monsters. For the most part, I really enjoyed it and, even though it’s no Telltale game, it comes pretty damn close. This is a game where you play as a hard-boiled detective unraveling an occult conspiracy in an alternate 1950s where the Hindenburg never blew up and Al Capone is the king of the city. Where else can you find a premise that awesome?

Check out the full review over on SteamFirst.


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